A Restaurant in Virginia is Giving Out Meals For Free

A restaurant in Virginia, Perfectly Frank, has started giving members of its community free meals. This is sponsored…
A restaurant in Virginia

A restaurant in Virginia, Perfectly Frank, has started giving members of its community free meals. This is sponsored by meal donations from its customers. In 2020, Perfectly Frank’s customers sponsored the restaurant throughout the tough days of the pandemic by donating meals. Now, they are doing the same.

Any hungry person can now get a free meal at the restaurant by pulling a ticket off the “Franks for Friends” in exchange for a menu item. Tarah Morris, the CEO of Perfectly Frank, maintained that they don’t ask people questions when they come for free meals.

Maybe Covid hit them really hard, or they’re in between jobs — or maybe they’re taking a meal for their neighbor. We don’t ask questions.


Morris set up the “Frank’s for Friends” initiative with a single donation. After the restaurant was reopened, donations declined as people felt everything was normal again, according to Morris.

However, she realized that some of her staff, College students from Old Dominion University still had a tough time with making ends meet, then a long-time customer donated a sum of $2,000.

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The customer asked that each staff member be given $100 while the remaining should be used for community feeding. Morris started the free food initiative with the $700 left from the money.

As customers began to donate, this helped the initiative to grow quickly. The restaurant in Virginia put up a bulletin board and designed a clipboard. According to Morris, the restaurant began to receive more food than they were giving people.

Morris has been receiving emails, letters, and calls from people who are interested in the initiative and want to offer their support one way or the other. She got a mail from a man in Miami who appreciated her good efforts.

I don’t have much money — I’m broke — but I saw your story …’ and he was so filled with joy to know that there are good people out there doing good things in this chaos.

The mail

Morris maintained that it isn’t about the money but people being kind to others. She said that there is a meal surplus and she didn’t think they can run out of the meal.

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