A Nigerian Woman Has Been Freed of 55 Dishonesty Charges

A Nigerian woman who was charged with 55 different offenses has been freed. Eunice Dowers shed tears of…
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A Nigerian woman who was charged with 55 different offenses has been freed. Eunice Dowers shed tears of joy after she was freed. She claimed that she used the Star Garage credit card because one of the company’s directors,  Bertille “Silky” Da Silva.

Dowers said that being a Nigerian isn’t easy and most people see Nigerians as criminals. She further said that she used the card because she was given the card.  The Crown alleged that Dowers spent EC$100,000 out of Star Garage’s income during the 10-month period she worked there.

Dower first worked as Da Silva’s secretary after which she worked as a Customs Broker in the company. However, after a trial went on for over a year, Cornell argued that Crown Counsel Rose-Ann Richardson didn’t make any case for his client who was accused of 55 offenses.

27-year-old Dowers was very happy after the court’s ruling on Friday. Dowers is a Vincentian by naturalization, after getting married to a national. Dowers said she is grateful to her lawyer and her mother-in-law who bailed her.

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This Nigerian woman maintained that people had been putting her in their prayers while some people were unfriendly to her believing the allegations against her.

But God gave me strength. Sometimes I would even see myself dreaming that I am in prison. The psychological effect was too hard, very, very hard on me. But if you are a mother you would know how it feels like, your girl child facing 55 [charges]. Fifty-five! They didn’t even say, ‘Ok, let’s try one and see how it is.’ Fifty-five! It’s as if my world was coming to an end.


In February 2019, Dowers was apprehended as she was about to leave for Nigeria. When asked about the relationship between she and her husband, she responded that things haven’t been going smoothly because of the charges.

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