A New Emoji that Shows Forgiveness is Being Proposed

A new emoji that shows forgiveness has gotten the highest votes. This emoji is being proposed and people…
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A new emoji that shows forgiveness has gotten the highest votes. This emoji is being proposed and people are already in life with it. The #forgivemoji is the idea of Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.  In the world we are today, emojis are seen as an essential way of expressing one’s feelings that can’t be expressed with words.

Emojis, internet cartoon symbols made their way back in the year 1999 and since then people have been using them. Before emojis were introduced, there were simple emoticons, keyboard characters that signify different emotional responses.

The first emoticons “frowny face and smiley face were initiated by Dr. Scott Fahlman, a Carnegie Mellon professor. Smiley and Frowny are have been around for 38 years.

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Steven Pinker, a Harvard linguist believes that emojis helps to express a person’s emotion in a much simpler way than a text. They express one’s feelings beyond words, which make them important to ensuring communication is clearly understood.

[As with] a question mark or an exclamation point, they are there to convey some communicative force that would not be obvious just from the arrangement of words on the page.

Steven Pinker

These days, there are now thousands of emojis available and only a few are recognized by the Unicode Consortium. This group helps to oversee the collection of preset symbols that are programmed into devices worldwide.

Tarja Halonen, Former Finnish president, chose the winning emoji in February. The emoji is designed in a way in which two hands giving a thumb–up sign under a big red heart. If this new forgiveness symbol is approved by Unicom, then this will put up a smile on people’s faces. It is obvious that this new emoji is loved as it gets the highest vote from people.

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