A Kid Caught Playing Repeatedly in His Neighbour’s Driveway

We are in a world where people install cameras in their homes which could be pointed towards their…

We are in a world where people install cameras in their homes which could be pointed towards their driveways or front door since car thefts, package thefts, etc. have become the order of the day.

It seems people are kind of frustrated these days and any problem they are encountering, they tend to unleash the anger on someone else. What happened in this story is very inspiring.

This kid was caught playing in his neighbor’s driveway. He was always disturbing his neighbor. So many kids have landed themselves into trouble by just simply trespassing in their neighbor’s yard.

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Anyway, this kid was always rolling on his neighbour’s  private property and triggering the motion alarm on his camera. That’s really annoying, especially when the neighbour realized that the parents are there walking the dogs with him. After all,  they should be teaching him to stay off people’s properties.

However, the neighbor dealt with the issue in a very different way. Most people’s would have threatened  legal action or yelled like a maniac, this guy did something better. For you know what he did? He marked out a racetrack on his driveway so that the kids could follow the path he had created.

The amazing thing is that anytime it rained, he would make a new design with rumble strips, hairpin turns, etc. When  other neighbors saw this, they started riding on the track with their bikes.

This guy could’ve threatened the kid on his bike or sue his parents like some people would do. Instead, he chose to respond to this problem in a different way by creating something that brings a little joy to the entire neighborhood. This is very thoughtful and kind of him.

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