8 Red Wolves Released into the Wild in Eastern North Carolina

8 red wolves have just been released into the wild. This is good news for North Carolina as…
8 red wolves

8 red wolves have just been released into the wild. This is good news for North Carolina as it brings hopes that this critically endangered species can be prevented from going into extinction. Four pups and do adult red wolves were released into the wild.

The only place in the world Red wolves can be found is North Carolina.. With the addition of the 8 red wolves, the total population of this species is about 25.

The court ordered that these wolves be allowed to live in the wild. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was sued over its rejection to let more of these species live in the wild. The Southern Environmental Law Center was behind this legal action, arguing that the inaction of this service violated the Endangered Species Act.

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Our goal is to work together to establish an implementation plan… to reach jointly established recovery goals for the red wolf.

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A District Court Judge in the U.S. ordered that a plan for immediate releases must be prepared. According to the Wildlife Network, this release is a big step, although this organization advocated for more wolves to be released.

Red wolves are known to be bigger than coyotes but smaller than their gray wolves. They once roamed the Southeast. However, habitat loss and more extermination campaigns resulted in the decline of these predators in the United States.

Red wolves were believed to have gone into extinction in 1980. Just before this declaration, the last few red wolves were already brought to Tacoma, Washington, to breed them under the care of humans.  This action was taken to preserve the species.

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