77 Years After Sending a Lost Postcard, D-Day Hero’s Family Finally Received it

A lost postcard sent to a D-Day hero’s family has just been received after 77 years.  The D-Day…
Lost postcard

A lost postcard sent to a D-Day hero’s family has just been received after 77 years.  The D-Day hero sent this podcast while he was going through navy training in 1943. However, the lost postcard was just delivered almost 78 years later.

Bill Caldwell who was 18 years old as of that time mailed the card and then deployed it on a mine-sweeping ship for the popular operation. He sent this postcard to his uncle to inform him about how his first week in the training went.

The postcard never arrived until almost 78 years later. Although Bill and his uncle have died, it was a relative, Jack Elomaa that received the podcast.

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Bill’s children were happy to have a glimpse of their dad’s look. This really meant a lot to them as the family is getting ready for the anniversary of the death of Fiona Braidwood, Bill’s granddaughter. His granddaughter died at the age of 17 in a car accident in March 2016.

The card was delivered in a good state and contains the photograph of soldiers marching at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall.

The podcast read “Dear Uncle Fred, I did not think it would be like this, you don’t get much time for yourself do you but I like it alright. I will write a letter to you all when I get half a chance so will you hold on a bit. I have 19 weeks here yet. Give my love to everyone. Bill

Royal Mail believes that a person must have found the lost postcard and then posted them. Bill’s daughter, Elizabeth, who is now 58 said it is hard to believe this is happening. She maintained that Bill never wrote podcasts or letters while he was alive.

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