7-year-old Hero Rescues His Dad and Sister after Swimming for an Hour

A 7-year-old hero swam for an hour to rescue his dad and sister. Chase Pout, his dad and…
7-year-old hero

A 7-year-old hero swam for an hour to rescue his dad and sister. Chase Pout, his dad and little sister went for a boating excursion when they encountered a problem. Chase and his little sister, Abigail, were both swimming at the stern of the boat while their father was fishing on the deck.

Sometimes, situations that involve life and death can make us grow superhuman powers. 7-year-old Chase had no choice other than to swim for an hour to save his family. The outing was going on well until a powerful current made Abigail lose her grip and let go of the boat.

When Chase realized this, he immediately let go of the boat to reach his sister. When their father, Steven, couldn’t hold onto both kids, he had to make a decision.

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I told them I loved them because I wasn’t sure what’s going to happen. I tried to stick with both of them. I wore myself out. She drifted away from me.


Steven told Chase to swim ashore for help while he stayed back to reach out to Abigail. It was a tough time for the 7-year-old hero, he wisely paced himself. He would dog paddle or stop to float and rest again to set off.

Chase spent an hour swimming before he got to the shore. Once he was on land, he quickly ran to a house to call for help. Some members of a fire department and a wildlife conservation commission were sent to look for Abigail and Steven. Fortunately, they found both father and daughter over a mile away from their boat.

Steven can’t be more proud of his son. He is very grateful to Chase for his courageous act. Thanks to his courage and determination.

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