66.6% of Americans Believe They Have Become a Better Person

About 66.6% of Americans believe that the quarantine has made them a better person.  2,000 Americans over age…
66.6% of Americans

About 66.6% of Americans believe that the quarantine has made them a better person.  2,000 Americans over age 21 revealed that there were positive changes during this challenging time.

According to the survey, 55% of respondents were quite embarrassed by some of the things they valued before the quarantine, and the months spent at home allowed 70% to learn more about themselves.

The survey which was conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Coravin revealed that the quarantine has changed Americans’ perspective about life.

Some respondents had the time and flexibility to get involved in some things and discover new passions.  While 35% said they want to continue those hobbies even after the quarantine.

27% of respondents indicated that they hope to achieve a better work/life balance after quarantine.

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Most respondents mentioned that they hope to get close to the people they care about, as 46% want to be with their friends and family more than ever, and 38% plan to build better relationships with those around them.

Top 20 Things People Now Appreciate

  • 52.28% wants to spend quality time in person with family or friends
  • 41.23% wants to hug more
  • 32.53% wants to travel to New destinations
  • 31.99% wants to take a relaxing walk to the park
  • 31.73% hopes to shop in a store
  • 31.39% wants to have a date night at a restaurant
  • 30.86% looks forward to extended family gatherings
  • 28.92% wants to attend events in person
  • 25.9% wants to stop for a cup of coffee on my way to work
  • 25.70% hopes to meet new people
  • 24.36% wants weekly coffee dates with friends
  • 23.69% Post-work happy hour
  • 23.56% appreciates chatting with co-workers
  • 22.96% appreciates having a quiet weekend at home.
  • 22.36% appreciates having some time at the beach in the afternoon
  • 21.49% appreciates sending their children off to school in the morning
  •  21.22% appreciated attending sport events
  • 20.68% appreciates wandering through bookstores
  • 18.14% appreciates watching their kids’ sporting events
  • 17.54% appreciates going to the gym

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