2-Year-old Girl With a Very High IQ Becomes America’s Youngest Mensa Member

Becoming America’s Youngest Mensa Member is a big achievement, but when this great feat is achieved by a…
America's youngest mensa member

Becoming America’s Youngest Mensa Member is a big achievement, but when this great feat is achieved by a 2-year-old girl, it is indeed incredible. Kashe Quest is just two years old and she can do a lot of incredible things only a genius can do.

Kashe recently became a member of Mensa due to her IQ of 146. Mensa, an international IQ  organization, only admits the top 2% of geniuses to its ranks. Kashe’s achievement is a huge one especially for someone of that age.

Kashe has been displaying some language skills majority of peers can’t comprehend. According to her parents, they had seen early signs that their child could be Mensa material. They decided to take Kashe for a pediatric checkup which gave answers to their questions.

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She has always shown us, more than anything, the propensity to explore her surroundings and to ask the question ‘Why? If she doesn’t know something, she wants to know what it is and how does it function, and once she learns it, she applies it.

Devin, Kashe’s mother

Devin and Sukhjit Quest, Kashe’s parents, took her to a psychologist to test her IQ. Sukhjit said that they wanted to ensure their daughter had everything she needed. Kashe’s parents believe that being America’s youngest mensa member is a great achievement for their child.

According to the Quests, raising a brilliant child is a great experience that has helped them to learn a lot. They maintain that they are extremely careful of the kind of language they speak when they are with Kashe. They believe that this has also helped to improve their communication skills.

Kashe’s parents believe that it would be better for her to interact with her age group. Sukhjit set up a preschool in their home. They have plans to expand this preschool to a larger one. The Quests’ are devoted to raising a well-cultured and intelligent child.

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