11-year-old Boy Donates 22,000 Diapers To Single Moms

This 11-year-old boy has demonstrated an act of selflessness by donating diapers to single moms from his lemonade…
11-year-old boy

This 11-year-old boy has demonstrated an act of selflessness by donating diapers to single moms from his lemonade stand. The eleven-year-old boy, Cartier Carey used the money he got from his lemonade stand to give back to Hampton, Virginia community.

Like every other kid that sets up lemonade stand to open their first savings account to earn what it means to earn money, Carey’s case is different.

Carey’s goal is to help needy single moms ease their financial burden, so he decided to focus on donating wipes and diapers.

He doesn’t want to spend any of the money on himself. He just wants to continue to keep buying diapers and giving each day.

Carey’s mother

What triggered his zeal for the project was when Carey visited his grandmother who resides in one of the more economically depressed neighborhoods in the area. Carey observed that many women were raising children on their own. Therefore, he thought of a way to help them.

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As he’s getting older, he kind of understands. He just came up and said, ‘Hey can we help some of the moms?’ and we were kind of like, ‘What do you want to buy?’ That’s kind of how it came [about].

His mother

This 11-year-old boy had already raised close to $5,000 through the lemonade stand by the end of July and he distributed about 6,500 diapers. Carey has already donated 22,000 diapers as of September and he’s close to accomplishing his total goal of 25,000.

However, this generous 11-year-old is not a stranger to selfless causes. Before Carey became a “lemonade mogul,” he had launched a community initiative dubbed “Carti packs.” Care packages for the homeless that featured essentials such as soap, tissue, hand-warmers, and deodorants.

According to Carey, his greatest joy comes from making a difference and seeing how he has contributed to the lives of the people he strives to serve. He was touched when one of the single moms who had benefited from his good deeds broke down in tears and hugged him.

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