1000-year-old Viking Ship Discovered While Excavating Elite Society’s Remnant

A 1000-year-old Viking ship has just been discovered by Norwegians while they were excavating the remnant of the…
1000-year-old viking ship

A 1000-year-old Viking ship has just been discovered by Norwegians while they were excavating the remnant of the Elite society.

The area in which the Viking ship was found is believed to contain extensive and traditional funerary. It also featured a religious complex of outstanding significance.The discovery transforms the understanding of the site as one that contains an abandoned grave in representing the regional center of Viking society.

There were remains of three longhouses, 13 smaller burial mounds, a feasting hall, and a temple sitting in the field around the Jell Mound.  The Jell Mound was the first high-society burial site in 550 CE and the second-largest known funerary earthen mound in Norway.

These things are all regarded as unknown “central place,” sites which Scandinavian archaeologists consider as important to the pre-Christian denizens of the peninsula.

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The excavations of the Jell Mound and surrounding areas have resulted in the discovery of high-value goods that are now displayed in Norwegian museums; these valuables include weapons and jeweled personal items.

We believe that the inclusion of a ship burial in what was probably an already existing—and long-lived—mound cemetery was an effort to associate oneself with an already existing power structure. 

Lars Gustavsen, the lead author of the research

The partially-intact ship burial discovered is a very great thing in European archaeology, and the Viking Ship Museum located Oslo homes the three ever excavated ships discovered in the 1800s.

The Gjellestad ship which was discovered in a field in southern Norway close to the border with Sweden by archaeologists in 2018 is the first to be excavated in more than a century. This ship was buried 1,200 years ago.

For the first time in 100 years, we will now excavate a Viking ship. We are very excited about the result. It is urgent that we get this ship out of the ground.

Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment

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