$1000 tip split between 7 touched restaurant workers

One restaurant in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, just received a $1000 tip from a generous patron. The restaurant…

One restaurant in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, just received a $1000 tip from a generous patron.

The restaurant was The Starving Artist, owned by a man named Arnold Teixeira. He and the rest of his staff were touched when a customer paid his bill with a $1000 tip and a note.

The gesture felt very personal and emotional for the restaurant staff who were working that day. Teixeira said that they “read the note together” once the customer had left, and that they “were all crying.”

He was not sure if he wanted to keep this kind gesture within their own circle or discuss it on the internet for the world to see. It was the thought that people finding the story on the internet would be moved by this gesture that convinced him to talk publicly about the generosity of the customer.

Teixeira is keeping the name of the customer private. From the note the customer left, it is clear that this is person has been a patron for a long time and that he, along with his family, feels a bond with the restaurant:

Thank you so much for working through this tough time, my family looks forward to our mornings with you every summer. We are thankful for your delicious food and great smiles, please know we appreciate you very much.

The generous customer’s note

The customer touched on the fact that the recent times have been tough ones. He cites outings to the restaurant as being a positive tradition in his family: he appreciates the restaurant for being open to them. Times have been tough for restaurants lately as they try to drum up business while staying safe, so we can only imagine that the restaurant appreciated this customer’s patronage—even before the giant tip.

Since Teixeira has been the owner of The Starving Artist for more than two decades, he was presumably there to see the customer and their family through the summers.

There were seven of the “smiling” staff members at the restaurant that day, and they shared the tip between them.

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Featured image source: Arnold Teixeira

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