100 million trees planted thanks to Ecosia search engine users

The global movement has reached a landmark goal. Ecosia is a search engine that wants your internet searches…

The global movement has reached a landmark goal.

Ecosia is a search engine that wants your internet searches to do a little good in the world. Every time you search on the internet using Ecosia, Ecosia takes the revenue from advertisements and puts it toward planting trees.

This strategy has seen huge results. Ecosia just saw its 100-millionth tree planted.

According to Ecosia’s blog, 100 million new trees means a lot of great things:

100 million trees means habitats for endangered animals. It means healthy riversmore biodiversity, and fertile soil. It means fruits, nuts, and oils for local communitiesIt means more productive and resilient farms – and higher incomes. It means more children at school. It means that medical bills can be paid.

“Ecosia users have planted 100 million trees: a milestone and a beginning!” Joshi at Ecosia

Because of the CO2-removing abilities of trees, this many trees should have a big impact on the amount of CO2 currently contributing to global warming by collecting in the atmosphere and absorbing the sun’s radiation. Ecosia says that the trees will “tackle the climate crisis by removing 1771 tonnes of CO2 every day.”

The milestone they have just reached was a substantial one. They’ve been working toward it for more than a decade, and they wanted to ensure that their dream of 100 million trees was an actionable goal instead of an empty promise. In 2018, the organization’s CEO, Christian Kroll, made two commitments, both legally binding and irreversible: that “shares can’t be sold at a profit or owned by people outside of the company,” and that “no profits can be taken out of the company.”

These commitments meant maximum trees planted instead of maximum profits. And it worked.

Ecosia has also made smaller goals along the way to help the world out in times of crisis. In Brazil, they planted an extra three million trees when the Amazon was on fire. They worked on helping native rainforest in Australia when bushfires were wreaking havoc across the country in January. They began planting trees around hospitals so healthcare workers fighting COVID-10 could experience the stress-relieving benefits of being around nature.

Ecosia believes in a future where “the planet matters more than profit,” and they have been putting their beliefs into constant action. They say the milestone of 100 million trees was just the beginning.

Article source: Ecosia

Featured image source: Screen capture from video

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