10-Year-Old Boy Walked From Italy to England with His Father For a Hug With Grandma

This 10-year-old boy has just demonstrated an act of love by walking with his father from Italy to…
10-year-old boy

This 10-year-old boy has just demonstrated an act of love by walking with his father from Italy to England, about 1,700 miles to visit his grandma. This is very heart-warming as this boy’s action showed us that distance isn’t a barrier when it comes to caring for our loved ones.

10-year-old Romeo Cox desperately wanted his grandmother’s hug and didn’t care about what he has to do to get it. Romeo who lives in Sicily, Italy wasn’t discouraged by the little bumps on the road and the distance between his home and his grandma’s home.

I hadn’t seen Granny for a year and a half, so [during lockdown] I planned in secret to go see her.


The 10-year-old boy had to convince his parents to allow him to visit his grandma. According to him, he asked for his parent’s permission several times before he was finally allowed to go.

When Romeo was finally allowed to go, he sprang into action immediately. He drew a map and decided he would take boats and also trek. He decided it would be wise enough to have an adult journey with him, so he took his father along.

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Romeo’s father is a veteran filmmaker and journalist. The 46-year-old man has experience in covering war zones which makes him a perfect choice for the journey.

Romeo and his father started their journey on June 20. The duo walked through Italy, Switzerland, and France. Both father and son had to spend many nights watching the stars. They also had to fend off on wild animals and befriend a wild donkey. Romeo and his father got lose on some occasions.

Regardless of what these people went through, they continued their journey. Asides from the fact that Romeo was desperate to see his grandma, he was also inspired to continue the walk as he hoped to raise money for refugee children.

Both father and son arrived in Trafalglar Square in London on September 21. They had to isolate themselves for two weeks based on the Covid-19 rules. After that, they headed to his grandma’s house. When Romeo finally saw his grandma’s house, he broke into tears.

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